Favorite Family Christmas Photo(s)


Hello Readers!

I’m back 2 days in a row!! Today is #blogmas14 day 2 and I’m here today with some pretty adorable Christmas pictures from my childhood. I do have a favorite Christmas family picture but alas, it is at my mom’s house in a bin somewhere with about a million other pictures sooooo these 3 will have to do. Just to paint the image in your heads though my brother and I are in matching outfits sitting in front of my grandparents who have matching Santa hats on in front of their Christmas tree. I’m getting it framed as soon as I can find it.

This first picture is of itty bitty Leanna and my brother after what appears to be a super disappointing Christmas. Haha. It was not a disappointing Christmas morning but we’re both super photogenic so it looks that way. I got a hula-hoop that year and stickers (as you can see on my face) so it couldn’t have been a bad year. And I’m pretty sure my brother is just waiting to be released so he can charge at whatever his favorite present was that year.


This next picture is of me, my brother and our cousin. We all have fabulous hair and pajamas and were clearly ready for Christmas. I can only guess what my age was because I’m horrible at remembering how old I was when things happened. Definitely pre braces though so it was before however old you are when you’re in middle school. I’d guess 5th grade?


This next picture is from last year and I just had to include it because of the onesies. Believe it or not I did go to school for Fashion Merchandising and I should know better than to rock this look but they are just so comfortable and warm that I can’t help it. Especially at my mom’s house because she only uses a wood stove for heat. Burrrrr


So there you have it, my favorite Christmas pictures. Anyways, go check out everyone else doing #blogmas14 by using the # and upload your own favorite family Christmas pictures using #blogmas14 on Instagram and Twitter so I can see!

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2 Responses to Favorite Family Christmas Photo(s)

  1. Dayna says:

    Leanna I love your blog!!! It’s great!! Love ya!


  2. Ashley says:

    Thank you so much for linking up! Your footie pjs look cozy!


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