Blogmas Day 4- Gift Giving Guide (His)


Hello Readers!

It’s day 4 of Blogmas!!! I’m here today for my manly gift guide. Now, as a single woman I do not know what the male species wants for Christmas this year. I do however, have a brother who I think would appreciate all of these things, so here goes nothing!

For everyone:

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, everyone love pjs. Especially festive ones. Even guys. If they aren’t into getting too festive than the LL Bean pajamas for guys are excellent. Bonus- they come in tall sizes.


Also, ornaments. See yesterday’s post!

sa coffee

For the tech/gaming guy:

14770222A portable battery for your phone. I’ve got one myself and it definitely has saved me a few times. If you have an older phone where the battery dies instantly or you never get off your phone, this portable charger is perfect for you. And, it’s pretty small so you could easily keep it in your pocket. There are a ton of different kinds out there but this is the one I have and it does the job.

Next up is an Xbox live subscription for the year. I have nothing else to say about this other than your boyfriend/dad/sibling will love you for taking care of this monthly fee for them.

For the well groomed man:

I know, I know, your boyfriend never wants to come into Sephora with you, take advantage of that and buy him some grooming stuff while he waits outside. The men’s section in Sephora has a ton of different cologne types as well as shaving kits. My favorite men’s cologne of the moment is Polo Red and my favorite shaving kit was from The Art of Shaving, it too smells amazing.

polored artofshaving

For the sporty guy:

He needs a jersey. Or at least a sweatshirt, or a hat, or gloves, or sweatpants. He needs something with his team emblazoned all over it. The Fanatics website has EVERYTHING. As a NY Giants fan I highly recommend their stuff, however, they suck this year so I guess it’s okay if you buy some NFL gear for another team. Plus, Fanatics has all of the other sports too in case your friends/family/boyfriend care about a sport other than football. If you’re feeling really generous, tickets for a game are never a bad gift.

giants sanfran broncos

What will you be getting the men in your life this Christmas?

I’m going to end it here so please share your ideas on Twitter and Instagram with #blogmas14 and as always, check out everyone else linking up for Blogmas!

♥ Leanna

None of the links above are affiliate links, nor was anything sent to me.

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7 Responses to Blogmas Day 4- Gift Giving Guide (His)

  1. Whitney says:

    Loving this linkup, so helpful, I have no clue what to buy my husband!!


  2. Mary says:

    These are great ideas. My boyfriend loves the Florida Gators and it’s always a good go-to for a gift idea. I love those ornaments too. Super cute, yet manly 😉


  3. Taylor says:

    Such cute ideas!!!


    • Being Leanna says:

      Thanks Taylor! I had a question, I am having such a hard time putting the putton for the linkup on my posts. I copy the link but if you look at the bottom of my posts weird things keep showing up. I’m really new at this. Am I doing something wrong?


  4. I love that those PJs come in tall… that’s always tough to find!


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