Blogmas Day 5- Favorite Holiday Memory

Blogmas5Hello Readers!

Day 5 of #Blogmas is all about your favorite holiday memory. I can’t pinpoint just one favorite memory over my 25 years, to me everything about the holidays is great. I do have fond memories of Christmas morning every year as soon as my brother and I got to my grandparent’s house and we’d run into the living room to check out all the presents my grandparent’s had laid out for everyone. My family has this tradition where all of the adults buy for all of the kids and the adults pick names and only buy for one other person. We were usually the first family to my grandparent’s house so I would take my post by the tree and order everyone to leave their gifts with me so I could organize them. Yes, even then I was a bit of an organizational maniac. Some might say control freak, but I don’t appreciate that term :-] .

Anyways, I’d sit around in my cute little holiday outfit and organize all the presents under the tree by who the gifts were for and I prided myself on handing out gifts to everyone when it was their turn.Handing out the gifts to everyone made me feel so warm inside. I love giving, and the look on someones face when they open their gifts is the best.

2013-12-10 101648-930382

Sorry for the short post, i’m uploading from work today!

Be sure to check out Tay and Ash who started the linkup!

♥ Leanna


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