Blogmas Day 6- Winter Fashion!


❄ Hello Readers! ❄

I’m back today to talk about one of my favorite things. FASHION!!! I live in New York and it gets pretty cold here so I have lots of warm winter clothes to share with you all. I couldn’t survive winter without boots and I’ve got 2 pairs that are my favorites. 20141205_170144This first pair is the Desiderata boot from Aldo. These are a short ankle boot so I can’t really wear them in the snow but, once the roads and sidewalks have been plowed I’m good to go! They look great with leggings and jeans and they even look great when I don’t tuck my pants in. They have a good heel that’s visible but not uncomfortable to walk in and they don’t make an annoying clicky sound which is great. This is my second season with them and they are wearing really well.


These boots are new so I can’t say how long lasting they are but I needed a replacement asap and I got a great deal on them at JC Penny. I love slouchy boots and I also love that they aren’t tight around my calves. This brand even had a wide calf option for the curvier girls out there. These too have a nice inch high heel but are still comfy.


Next up is this lovely pile of scarfs. Do I have an addiction? Possibly. Let it be known that I did clean out my collection and donated about 10 earlier this season. Scary, I know. I’ve got a mix of regular scarfs and infinity scarves and I adore both kinds. I try to have a variety of colors so I have something to wear with every outfit.


Sorry for the worst photo quality ever, idk what happened!


You can’t have a winter fashion post without some long sleeved comfy shirts so here are a few that I cannot stop wearing. This first shirt is so long and stretchy and cozy and lacy that I can’t get over it. I have to be really conscious that I don’t wear it twice in one week. It’s from JCPenny and I really want it in every color.


This next shirt is from Forever 21 and it’s a nice blouse shirt that I wear to work all the time. It’s dressy without being too fancy and the emerald green color really brings out my eyes.


Another winter staple are some warm leggings. The best pair of leggings I’ve ever worn are the Pixie pants from J.Crew. They’re thick and have a zipper in the back and they’re fairly high waisted so they keep everything in. I love that they go with everything I own and that I don’t have to worry about them being see through in case the shirt i’m wearing is a tad too short for leggings.

That’s it for my winter fashion staples! Be sure to tag your winter favorites on Twitter and Instagram with #blogmas14 so I can see! Also, be sure to check out Taylor and Ash’s posts and follow along!

♥ Leanna



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5 Responses to Blogmas Day 6- Winter Fashion!

  1. Julie says:

    I am so jealous of your big pile of scarves! lol! I wear scarves almost every day now that it’s cold, so I should stock up. And I JUST bought a 2 pairs of black boats just like the ones you picked up. Great minds think alike, right? haha


  2. Sophi says:

    I have a scarf addiction too! Also those boots from Aldo are ADORABLE!


  3. Love the turquoise blouse! Long sleeved tops like that are fab in winter.


  4. Taylor says:

    Oooo I am loving those boots and the turquoise top is beautiful!!


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