Blogmas Day 10- Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe


❄ Hello Readers! ❄

I have been looking forward to this post since the beginning of #blogmas14.

I. Love. Baking.

Especially holiday treats. My favorite cookie to eat as well as make are these:

2012-11-29 205154-815302

Yup, pretty sure that’s a made up word too, but that’s what we call them. My grandmother got this recipe from a neighbor years and years ago and the name has stuck.

 These are a classic Italian cookie and they are by far my all time favorite cookie. Either you love them or hate them. I’ve been told that they’re boring and bland, but this is not so! They get topped with royal icing and they taste like heaven.

20141203_140239It takes a lot of practice to get all of those to get into that pretty knot shape. Grandma rejected quite a few of mine before I got some keepers!

2013-12-18 125657-816356

mmmmmmmmmmm so much soft goodness. I think that’s my favorite part about these Italian cookies, they are so soft on the inside with a nice slightly hard outer shell. AND i’m going to stop there because i’m a horrible blogger and didn’t take any pictures with frosting. Normally we make about a million early on in December and freeze them until eating time. It’s not until then that we frost them so ya’ll will just have to keep and eye on my Instagram for when I get to decorate them! (@beingleanna)

 Thanks to Google, here are some pictures of what they should look like

Stay tuned for tomorrow and as always, check out the rest of the linkup! (Button in my sidebar)

♥ Leanna

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6 Responses to Blogmas Day 10- Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe

  1. Sophi says:

    those look very similar to a cookie my grandma always sends up at Christmas. Can’t tell you the name of them off-hand, but she’s Greek, so I bet they’re pretty similar!


  2. Taylor says:

    I have never heard of these before but they look delicious!!


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