Blogmas Day 11! My Christmas Wishlist


Hello Readers!

Today I’m sharing with you what I’ve asked for this year for Christmas! I didn’t ask for too too much for Christmas this year but I do try to throw a lot of things on my list for my mom so that she can pick and choose things and I can still be surprised and not know everything I’m going to get. So, here’s my list!


1) Leaving Time By: Jodi Picoult– I love her, you probably love her too. This is her latest book so go grab it!

2) Panic By: Lauren Oliver– If you haven’t read the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver, go do it now. I’m 25 and i’m still totally into teen book series’ and I’m not ashamed to admit it. This is just another book by Lauren Oliver I’ve been eyeing.

3) Grace’s Guide By: Grace Helbig – I love Grace. She’s a massively popular Youtuber and if you haven’t heard of her you should really check her out. She’s hilarious and very real and I aspire to be as awkwardly humorous as she is.

4) I have been eyeing these pants from Alloy Apparel for MONTHS. I’ve been looking for a really nice pair of skinny cargos and these are them. I may have just bought them  instead of putting them on my Christmas list. #sorrynotsorry

5) I want a scarf the size of a blanket. No joke. A- how comfortable does this look? B- I’m going to be flying overseas in March and what better way to bring a blanket on a plane than to disguise it as a scarf? Practical and stylish all in one.

6) This is the cutest backpack I have ever seen, and as I mentioned about 4 seconds ago, I’m going on a vacation in a few months and I wanted a nice new carry on bag and Brooke from World of Wanderlust recommended it and I fell in love.

7) Out in Youtube and blogger land I have heard so much about this specific brush that I really need to try it and Christmas is the only time I could justify asking for a teeny tiny brush that costs $26. I do have the powder foundation that it’s supposed to go with so I basically need it, right?

8) I really wanted to try this little set because I’ve gotten a facial mask from Ole Henriksen and it was amazing but his products are fairly expensive so I wanted to get some sample sized things to try out.

9) This is my all-time favorite foundation. When this says 8 hour mattifying, it means it. And I’m almost out. I do have the Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush foundation that I love as well but the shade I have in that is too dark for me right now and the Sephora brand is much cheaper.

10) I just got a new Samsung Galaxy s5 and it’s naked so I’ve asked Santa for a case! I’m really into maps so I found a bunch of Etsy links to cases with globes or maps or travel type sayings and this just happens to be one of my favorite choices.

11) Have I mentioned how much I love coffee yet? Well, I do. And Starbucks comes up with the cutest designs year after year. I’m in love with everything from the Dot Collection this year and I may or may not be trying to collect their city mugs.

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post and be sure to join Tay and Ash’s linkup (use the button on the right)

Have a great day!

♥ Leanna


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5 Responses to Blogmas Day 11! My Christmas Wishlist

  1. Ummm can I have numbers 1, 4, and 11 too?? haha! Great picks!


  2. Alex MS says:

    Definitely have that plaid blanket scarf from Target and I could wear it every day. Definitely try and get your hands on that- you’ll love it! It would be great for traveling too like you said.


  3. Taylor says:

    These are great gift ideas!!! Loving that fun make up brush and scarf!!


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