Festival of Trees!


❄ Hello readers! ❄

Welcome to day 12 of Blogmas14! My favorite winter activity by far is going to a Festival of Trees every year! I’ve been going to the one in Methuen, Massachusetts since 2007 and it has been such a great tradition. This year I couldn’t make it out to Mass so I went to one in Saratoga, New York which is much closer to my house. The gist of a tree festival is that a bunch of organizations, businesses, clubs and families all decorate a Christmas tree and put it up for display in a big town hall.

The Festival in Mass was a fundraiser for the town’s historical society so you buy raffle tickets and put a ticket in a jar for whatever trees you like. If you get picked you could win the tree!! And these trees are seriously stocked. Each has a theme full of fun ornaments/toys/whatever. Methuen1

Methuen2Please, go check out their website to see some more photos. It’s amazing what people come up with. Can you imagine trying to get one of these home if you won it? Me either.

The one in Saratoga was actually really disappointing in comparison. The money I paid wasn’t for charity, that I was aware of. And the trees were for sale! It was nonsense I tell you, nonsense! They did have some beautiful trees though so sorry in advance for the picture overload. 20141207_113731 20141207_113546 20141207_113345 20141207_113255 20141207_112830 20141207_113019 20141207_113217


What are your favorite winter activities? Comment below or upload pictures to Instagram or Twitter using #blogmas14 so I can see!

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♥ Leanna




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4 Responses to Festival of Trees!

  1. Omg! These trees are crazy! Mine definitely never looks like these! ;P




  2. Alex MS says:

    Oh.my.god. This is so right up my alley! What a fun thing to do! They are seriously gorgeous


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