Family Holiday Traditions- Blogmas Day 15


❄ Hello Readers! ❄

I’m back today to tell you all about my favorite holiday traditions! Now this first tradition I found out was very common from Day 8’s post about everyone’s Christmas Tree Reveals. My mom gets my brother and I a new ornament every year! I look forward to opening this present the most every year. My mom also writes the year on the bottom of each so I can always remember that year. Here are some of my favorites!

20141207_205000 20141207_205243 20141207_205058 20141207_205219

Another tradition my family has, that i’m not so sure is common is what we eat for Christmas dinner. I’m pretty sure ham is the common Christmas feast? But we don’t do that. As Italians, pasta is basically our life. We eat homemade ravioli for dinner Every Christmas. My grandma, aunts and uncles all partake in the making of the ravioli a few weeks before Christmas. And, it’s not just cheese ravioli we eat, we have veal and spinach ravioli. Super strange, at least I think it is. For years I had no idea it was veal but I knew it was a ravioli flavor you don’t usually buy at the grocery store. Despite going most of my life not knowing what it was, it’s delicious.

There are so many more traditions my family has. Basically, we do the exact same thing every year for the holidays so it’s all tradition but i’m going to leave it there. Don’t forget to check out Tay and Ash’s posts and everyone else linking up to Blogmas14!


♥ Leanna

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3 Responses to Family Holiday Traditions- Blogmas Day 15

  1. Alex MS says:

    I love the ornament tradition! My boyfriend’s mother does the same thing for her two sons and has since included her new daughter in law (my boyfriend’s older brother got married last year) and myself and I love it! Also, the ravioli sounds amazing. My family is italian too but we don’t eat pasta on Christmas like a bunch of idiots. I always suggest it but no one wants to for reasons I can’t understand. I think last year we had pasta for the first time ever, thank god.


  2. Taylor says:

    What a sweet tradition!!


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