Ree-sees or Reese-es?

Hello Readers!

Today I wanted to do a silly post about the most important debates so here goes!

Ree-sees or Reese-es? It’s very important how you pronounce the best candy out there. I actually say both depending on what i’m talking about. I say Ree-sees when talking about the traditional Reese candy but when talking abut the delicious peanut butter bites I say Reese-es Pieces. I can remember many a college night debating how to properly pronounce this (All my roommates were from Long Island so we had some very different ways of saying things).


Keeping up with the same theme: Car-ml or Carra-mel? I say Carra-mel and so does everyone I know. This is definitely a regional difference and I was really surprised to hear that carra-mel seems to be the least popular way to say this. What do you say and where are you from?



Pepsi or Coke? I very infrequently drink soda but when I do, it’s Coca-cola alllllll the way. This is very important to a lot of people. When you go to a restaurant it seems that they never have what you want. When you ask for Coca-cola they say, Pepsi ok? (and vice-versa) NO, it is not okay. How dare you even ask. I have a strong preference, do you? Do you even drink soda?


And now, the most important of all debates! Over or under? How do you keep your toilet paper? Is it important to you which way it faces? I have a very strong opinion on this and I recently realized that I am not the only one. My grandmother and I had a lengthy debate as to which way was correct and it made me wonder what your opinions are. Do you keep your TP the right way? Or the wrong way? By the way, grandma prefers the wrong way and it drives me crazy. I think about changing it over every day.


What are some silly debates you have with your friends and family?

Thanks for reading!

♥ Leanna

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